Couple Move Out Of Expensive Apartment And Build New Home Inside $14k Van

Videos by Interestful on January 27, 2018

Living anywhere near a major city can be very expensive, sometimes far too expensive to even consider it a sensible option.

Couple Adam Croft and Nikki Pepperell got tired of having to work overtime at their jobs just to keep up with the rent at their one bedroom apartment closer to the city.

They were struck by the idea of creating a “mobile home” to live in, after being inspired from a recent camping trip with a camper van.

They searched and found a large white van for $5,000 from eBay and got to work on converting it into something unique, a place for them to live in.

They did all of the work themselves, fully insulating it to keep themselves warm at night. They also installed a fully working kitchen so they can cook at their their own convenience.


They’ve installed a bathroom that includes a toilet and a shower, despite the incredibly small space they had to work with.


They built a custom bed above a storage area, which has just enough space for them to shuffle around without hitting the roof.


Their plans are to take their mobile home to travel around Europe on a budget, with the possibility of never returning and living their new adventure.

Couple pack it all in and move into their new mobile home - an old white van

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