Farmer Was Ripped Off When Buying A Truck, So He Got The Sweetest Revenge!

Articles by Interestful on November 8, 2016

A farmer was in desperate need of a truck to do his work. He searched the local newspaper ads and noticed a truck listed for $500. He went over to the salesman and throughly looked at the truck and decided to buy it as it was in a very good condition.

When they sat down to do the paperwork, the salesman told the farmer that the truck was going to cost the farmer more than $500, since it came with so many extras on the vehicle. Angered, the farmer was hesitant but had to buy the truck as he needed it urgently.

A couple months later, the tables had turned and it was the salesman who needed to purchase a cow from the farmer’s livestock. It was at that moment that the farmer got his long awaited revenge!



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