He Lost His Dad While He Was At High School, But Then Something Amazing Happened

Articles by Interestful on November 28, 2016

Every kid wants to make their parents proud, no matter how or in what way. One boy lived alone with his father, his mother passed away when he was young but that never stopped him and his father having a great relationship. The young boy always had a passion for football and would always sign up to be on the school football team any chance he got.

Truth was, he was mostly a benchwarmer. The coaches never put him in play because of his short figure, they assumed he wouldn’t be able to offer anything to the team in terms of play. But they kept him because of his strong spirit that always motivated others.

One day he got word that his father passed away and returned later to the high school football team demanding to play in a game they were losing. The coach let him on and he did something that left everyone speechless!




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