He Noticed A Homeless Man On His Way To Class. What He Did For Him Changed The Homeless Man Forever

Articles by Interestful on December 9, 2016

To see a homeless person is heartbreaking, just imagining their living conditions is terrifying. We’re so accustomed to the ability to eat food and have a place to sleep in every night that we forget they often have none of those.

One student was on his way to class when he noticed a homeless man sitting outside a donut store. The man was collecting change off from the floor and counting it as he went along. After he had a few coins in his hand, he waled into the donut store and the kid followed. He heard the man asking to buy a coffee for a dollar but the kid insisted that he buy him his coffee and some donuts to go with it.

They sat down and had a heart to heart conversation for a while before the kid realized he was getting late to class. The homeless man found a piece of paper and wrote something down for the kid that he will never forget!

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