He Proposed To Her After They Found Out She Was Pregnant. But She Never Expected This After A Miscarriage

Articles by Interestful on December 1, 2016

Some people have super romantic stories about how they proposed or were proposed to, some at luxurious restaurants, others deep in the beauty of nature.

But let’s face it, not everyone lives a fairytale and somethings can happen spontaneously and out of the blue. This woman went to a doctors appointment with her boyfriend and they found out that the reason why she was feeling sick was because she was pregnant!

While the news was still sinking in, her boyfriend proposed to her in the parking lot just outside the clinic! She happily said yes but thought it was a spur of the moment action on his behalf. A few weeks later they got terrible news that she had a miscarriage. She expected her boyfriend would delay or call off the marriage but he didn’t!



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