He Saw A Rude Driver Purposely Run Over A Cat. He Followed And And Discovered Something Shocking

Articles by Interestful on December 12, 2016

Some people have no respect when it comes to life, human or animals. Every care should be taken not to run over animals while driving, and if done accidentally, to stop and treat the poor thing.

One man was driving home when he saw the car in front of him go wide and run over a cat, almost as it he had done it purposely. He stopped his car and embraced the dying cat in its last moments. Thinking of how to seek justice, he called the cops and the pet’s owners, before getting back in his car and tailing the rude driver.

When he arrived to the man’s house, he noticed that the wife seemed all shaken and injured too, at which point the cops arrived and found out the man was abusing his wife.


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