He Told His Wife He Was At The Bar Last Night. She Called The Bar To Check But Got A Big Surprise!

Articles by Interestful on November 23, 2016

A woman waited eagerly at home one night for her husband to come back, she didn’t know where he was and he wasn’t responding to any of his calls. Later that night, he stumbled in from the front door, completely drunk. He was met by his annoyed wife who demanded answers about his late night excursion.

He told her to calm down and said that he went to a bar where everything was golden. They had golden doors, golden floors and even golden urinals. The whole place was called the Golden Saloon.

The next morning, she wanted to check up on his story, so she called the bar and asked if they had golden interior. When she asked about the golden urinals, she got a response that really opened her eyes!


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