He Was Ashamed Of His Autistic Son Until One Man On The Bus Said Two Words

Articles by Interestful on December 6, 2016

Being a parent of a child who has a disability comes with its ups and down. They’re one of the best gifts to ever receive in life but looking after them can get tricky sometimes and can take you to breaking point.

One family were on their annual vacation and it was the first time they were going Disneyland. When they were there, one of their autistic son’s started to have a breakdown and was screaming continuously. Dad decided to take him back to the hotel while the rest of his family stayed and made the most of the day.

On the bus journey back to their hotel, the dad felt embarrassed that everyone was staring and glancing over at his son who was screaming That is until one man had a short conversation with the dad and it changed the way he thought completely!




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