He Was Rude To The Air Hostess And Made Everyone Feel Uncomfortable. Then Justice Was Served!

Articles by Interestful on November 1, 2016

Everyone wants their flights to be as comfortable as possible, spending long hours in the air can get very tedious and tiring.

One man was sat in between several women on a flight. The flight attendant, a female, started doing the safety demonstration. A few seconds in to it and the man whistled out loud and called her sexy. With an annoyed look on her face, she turned to the rest of hew crew and began speaking to them quietly. At the same time, the other women near him were all bewildered at what just happened and thought they needed to do something to stop his horrible behaviour.

Before they had a chance of even thinking to do anything, a security guard came on board the flight and escorted the man off, with his ticket voided. Respect to the airline!



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