He Was Waken Up By A Phone Call At Midnight. The News He Heard Left Him In Tears

Articles by Interestful on November 4, 2016

A student was asked to be an instructor at a high school leadership and teamwork program. During the first day at the summer camp, he noticed all of the kids were getting along and playing with each other and the other instructors, except for one fragile looking boy who sat underneath a distant tree.

Going over to the boy, they tried to speak to him to make him feel involved and comfortable but it didnt seem to work.

Days like that went past when the boy would seem cold and distant. The next time he noticed the boy doing something unusual was the last day of camp. The boy was dancing and talking to all his new found buddies. The boy had changed and wasn’t as shy anymore!

But one late night, the counsellor received a phone call that made him weep!



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