Her Baby Was Crying So Loud It Was Annoying Everyone At The Grocery Store, Except THIS Stranger…

Articles by Interestful on October 12, 2016

A woman was at the grocery store doing her weekly shop. She had packed everything she was ready to purchase into her basket and was waiting patiently at the queue. There was a woman in front of her who had a baby that would not stop crying. Everyone nearby knew that the baby had soiled its diaper and was crying for it to be changed.

The mother was looking frantically, unsure of whether she should remain in the queue, allow her baby to cry and annoy everyone or to leave and change the diaper.

This woman noticed the conundrum the mother was facing and offered to watch her cart for her while she went to change her baby’s diaper. She took longer than he thought she would and found herself paying for her groceries to keep the queue moving. She got the mother’s shopping and handed it to her!

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