Her Grandma Gave Her $600 When She Was Broke. Years Later She Went To Pay Her Back But Got Surprised!

Articles by Interestful on November 19, 2016

It’s not easy when time are tough and you’re forced to ask someone close to you for help, it’s a position no one ever wants to be in.

One girl found herself desperate for help when she first moved out and had just lost her job after. Her rent was due but she had no money saved nor any means to pay it.

She went to her grandma to ask for help who gave her money without hesitation. The girl felt really guilty for having to do that but was determined to pay her back as soon as she could.

Years later when she gathered enough money to give back, she went to visit her grandma again and handed over the check. Her grandma looked at it and ripped it up, smiling as she did so. They both burst into tears and hugged each other for the rest of the day.



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