His Dad Stared At A Girl Who Had Colourful Spiked Hair. What He Said To Her Left Her Embarrassed!

Articles by Interestful on November 23, 2016

A boy tells about a time he went to the shopping mall with his dad, aged 66, to look for new shoes for him. His old pair were worn out and it was time to get new and more comfortable ones anyway.

After browsing for a while, they both sat down at the food court to get small snack to eat to keep them going. While they were eating, a teenager came and sat next to them. The teenager had the most unusual hairstyle, it was multicolored like a rainbow and it was spiked up too.

This left his dad very confused as he had never seen a hairstyle like that before.

The girl noticed his dad was staring so she sarcastically asked him if he had every done anything wild with his life before or if he had been boring all the way through.

Needless to say, she wasn’t ready for the response she was about to receive!



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