His Mom Was Permanently Disabled After Being Hit By A Drunk Driver. Years Later He Receives A Call That Makes Him Cry!

Articles by Interestful on October 30, 2016

It’s difficult when a loved one get hurt or injured, and even worse when they are left permanently changed. One man tells a story of how his mother became permanently disabled, both physically and mentally after she was hit by a drunk driver. Life quickly took a turn for the worse, the money became tighter and all the kids had to step up and start looking after themselves.

The eldest son packed his bags and left, he couldn’t cope with all the stress and work. The middle son decided it was his duty to hold the family together and worked multiple jobs to provide for the whole family while still studying at college.

One day when the youngest brother called to thank him, he burst into tears, all he needed was that one ‘Thank you’ message to make it all worth it!


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