His Neighbor Purposely Ran Over His Bike To Break It For A Great Reason

Articles by Interestful on October 30, 2016

As a kid, you always want to have the most toys to be able to play with all day long. One boy barely had any toys because his parents didn’t have much money to live with, barely making ends meet and putting food on the table. It was a rare occasion for him to receive a present or a toy.

He did have an old beat up bike however, given to him by a neighbor as a hand me down. He loved it and always played with it. One time the neighbor came over and purposely ran over the boy’s bike with their car. After quickly apologizing, they ran to the store and bought a brand new bike, exactly in the style and color that the boy loved.

He realized that his neighbor did that so he could have a new bike and the only way his parents would have accepted it was to damage the old one.

This is gold!


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