His Pregnant Wife Was About To Give Birth. When The Doctor Arrived, Dad Was Left Stunned!

Articles by Interestful on December 3, 2016

Going trough the brith of your first child is a stressful yet exciting time, you have no idea what to expect but can’t wait for it to happen.

One man in Scotland noticed his was was having contractions in the middle of the night. He quickly picked up the phone and called the local doctor to come over and deliver the baby.

The doctor arrived and went straight to work, asking the husband to hold a lantern up high se he could see. Soon after, they had delivered a young baby boy. The husband was overjoyed and ready to put the lantern down which was aching his arm, but the doctor told him to hold on for a while longer, another baby was on the way.

See how it turned out for them!


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