His Son Asked Him For $10 And It Made Him Angry. When He Found Out Why, He Started Crying!

Articles by Interestful on November 20, 2016

A young kid felt like his father never spent enough time with him, he would always be busy with work, even when he got home he would be focussing on work. He thought of a way to get his dad to spend more time with him and came up with one idea.

He ran over to his dad and asked him how much he earns per hour. His dad got annoyed at why his son would ask but ended up telling him, $20 p/h. His son then asked if he could borrow $10 which made dad angry and told his son to go to sleep.

As dad tried to sleep that night he kept wondering about how he got angry at his son, so he went over and gave him the $10 he asked for, but what he got in return really shocked him!



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