His Wealthy Boss Stops To Pick Up An Old Dirty Coin From The Floor. His Reason For It Is Amazing

Articles by Interestful on October 25, 2016

We often come across old city coins on the floor but never stop to think twice about them and just carry on about your way. Some people see pennies on the sidewalk as a sign of good luck and fortune etc. But this story has a slight different twist and interpretation to that meaning.

One woman was out with her husband and his wealthy employer when the wealthy boss stopped dead in his tracks on the sidewalk and smiled and picked up an old worn out penny from the floor. The woman was stumped as to why someone so wealthy would need to pick up coins off the floor.

When she asked him about it, he responded with the most incredible response about how he sees it as a sign from God and a message.

Ever since then her view of coins on the floor has completely changed and she never passes up the opportunity to pick one up!



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