His Wife Cheated On Him And Was Carrying Another Man’s Child. That’s When He Got Life Changing Advice

Articles by Interestful on October 12, 2016

A man speaks about himself and his wife and a very life changing experience they both went through.

Just a month before they were due to get married, his fiancé told him that she was pregnant and he was pleasantly surprised and ready to take on the challenge ahead of him. After they were married, he noticed his wife becoming more and more emotionally distant, so he sat her down and tried to figure out why.

She told him that she his stupidly got drunk one night with her friends and ended up sleeping with another man, who may be the father of the child she was carrying.

The man had his heartbroken and had to isolate himself in a church looking for guidance and advice. An elderly couple noticed his grief and came over to give him life-chafing advice that had led him to live a happy life so far!


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