It Looks Like A Door Leading Into Caves. What’s Inside Is Jaw Dropping

Videos by Interestful on January 18, 2018

In Bisbee, AZ, there’s a very unique property that hides of all its beauty on the inside, literally.

When Catherine Clark bought a piece of land, she found out it was impossible to build a house on it, so she started to get creative with her ideas.

She got the idea to build into the mountains, rather than on top. She enlisted the help of her neighbor, as they drilled and blasted into the cave for almost two years, just to get the rooms in place.


It took another 14 years to finish, to create it to just how Catherine first envisaged it.

They discovered many natural pools, and they made sure that each one of them was made accessible, creating over 400 steps on the side of the mountain.


They managed to deck the cave house out with all the furnishings you would find in a traditional home, a well furnished kitchen, bathroom and even living spaces.


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