Married Couple Were Broke And Could Barely Eat. Then They Noticed Something Incredible At The Grocery Store!

Articles by Interestful on November 7, 2016

A woman and her husband were going through some very rough times financially. While she worked a low paying job, it was just enough to cover the rent for their very compact apartment. They received very little support in terms of buying food and would often go hungry because they had no other choice.

One day at a grocery store, the woman was looking at some used scratch cards, a habit of hers, and noticed a prize winning card that was left there. She jumped for joy and started walking over to the cashier, ready to cash it in.

As she reached the cashiers till, she noticed a single mother with two children, looking skinny and tired. They were buying the bare essentials. Upon seeing this, the woman handed over the winning scratch card to the little girl and told her to give it to her mom.

When her mom noticed what was in her hand, she went ecstatic and quickly hurried back to pick up more groceries!


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