Mom Brought To Tears After She Noticed Identity Of Stranger Holding Her Baby

Videos by Interestful on February 8, 2018

Every parent knows the importance of skin to skin contact with babies, especially newborns. It’s been seen time and time again how much of a miracle a parent’s touch can be for their little one.

After welcoming their child into the world, the only thought on any parent’s mind is to hold their baby for as long as they can, never wanting to let go of their precious one.

But seldom are parents able to be around their newborns all the time, especially for premature babies and those staying in the NICU.

But there’s one man, 82-year-old David Deutchman, who has made it his duty to look after and comfort babies in the ICU, and has earned the title “ICU Grandpa”.

For over a decade, David has been a regular at the NICU at a children’s hospital in Atlanta, and comforts babies whose parents are currently busy or away. Over his time there, he claims to have held ‘over a thousand’ babies, and it gives him a sense of accomplishment and a joy that he has never found anywhere else.

He started off as a volunteer at the hospital, something to pass his free time with, and before he knew it, he was the NICU’s resident baby holder.

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