Mom Expecting Twins Is Revealed A Surprise In Her Latest Ultrasound

Videos by Interestful on January 15, 2018

It’s an exciting time for parents to be looking forward to giving birth and finally meeting their little one. Some even have the blessing of having twins, which we see as twice the blessing!

Alexandra Kinova, 23, was going in for a routine ultrasound with her partner, Antonin Kroscen, to check up on their twins.

When the doctor got the equipment out, he made discovery that even had him surprised. From the ultrasound, he saw that there were in fact four babies, they ere going to have quadruplets!

Excited and over the moon, they were eager to go back after a few weeks to check up on their four babies, but this time the doctor revealed even more startling news. They were going to expect five babies now! Quintuplets!

The chances of conceiving quintuplets naturally fall to a bout one in seven million, but they were determined to do just that.

After successfully giving birth to four healthy baby boys an one healthy baby girl, without any complications, word of the ‘miracle’ began spreading through out their home town!

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