Mom Gave Away $1,000 Every Week At Church, The Priest Can’t Believe Where It Came From

Articles by Interestful on March 22, 2017

Every Sunday a little old woman would make sure she would go to church and sit as close as she could to the front. She had been going to the church for quite a while and would always place a stack of $1,000 in the collection plate that went around. The priest was shocked the first time he noticed, but he passed it off as a one time act of kindness. But it didn’t stop, every week this woman would donate $1,000 so he had to see and talk to her to see why she was donating so much. The conversation was going good, he found out the woman’s son was wealthy and making good money, but when he learned the origin of the where the money was made, it made he freeze for a while.

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