Pregnant Mom Was Told Her Baby Would Be Stillborn. That’s When She Witnessed A Miracle

Articles by Interestful on January 12, 2017

There’s not many sweeter joys than bringing a child into this world. To see a mini version of you look back at you and grow up, only a parent can truly understand its love and beauty.

It’s not always so simple though, there can be many complications that can be scary and heartbreaking. One mom was looking forward to her ultrasound appointment at the doctors surgery. She was ready to take home some ultrasound photos to show everyone but when she got there, the doctor told her some shocking information. They noticed that her yet to be born child had heart defects.

The doctors told her that her child would not live to see a day and that the baby would be stillborn. This news broke her heart but she never let it get to her, she continued building the nursery and buying baby clothes for her baby. After continuously fighting, she gave a premature birth and there baby survived, against all odds!

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