Puppy Falls Into Frozen Lake. Neighbors Notice And Take Quick Action

Videos by Interestful on January 28, 2018

This couple were surprised to hear their doorbell being pressed repeatedly in an urgent matter. They opened the door to find some kids from the neighborhood begging for help as their dog had slid across the ice and into the lake.

They quickly had to get near enough to save him, and with them panicking, they just grabbed whatever tools they had laying around in the garage.

At first they laid out a 30ft ladder in hopes the dog cOuld climb onto it so they could drag him out, but he was far too cold and couldn’t move enough hook itself onto it.

Then they got close with a kayak, and tied him around with a small noose to pull him out.

They quickly took him inside, drying him off and heating him up next to a heater with blankets.

He came close to a dangerous condition but luckily the paramedics were about to take care of him and nurse him back to good health.

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