He Received A $1 Tip For Delivering A Pizza, But Learned Something Worrying About The Customer

Articles by Interestful on December 12, 2016

Most delivery drivers rely on tips to make the most of their pay, so they really appreciate it when a customer can spare a few extra dollars to help them continue doing their job. A pizza delivery driver was delivering the smallest size pizza with no toppings to a man at the end of his shift. The customer apologised profusely that he was only able to tip $1. The driver peered into the door behind the customer and noticed many kids glancing over at the food to come. He realized that this dad barely had any money and spent what he could to get small pizza between the whole family. He knew that the had to help the man, so as his shift was ending, he made some extra pizzas and food and took it to the family when he finished.


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