Rude Customer Threw Donuts At The Drive-Thru Worker. As She Drove Off Something Karma Hit Her!

Articles by Interestful on November 3, 2016

Working at a coffee shop can come with its stress and peculiarities. One young man working his first job at a coffee shop was met with a woman who started shouting and cursing at him over the smallest things.

When she was giving her order, her car was parked over 4 feet away from the microphone and speaker, on a very windy day. Having trouble hearing what she wanted, he asked to politely to move closer to the machine but she refused, blaming the quality of their equipment.

As she got angrier with the ‘service’, the worker decided to give her two free donuts before she caused chaos, and even that there threw back at him because ‘they didn’t have enough sprinkles’.

Fortunately though, she was met with an instant hit of karma!


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