Rude Customer Was Late For His Interview And Shouted At Employee, But He Picked On The Wrong Person

Articles by Interestful on March 29, 2017

No one deserves to be abused and shouted at while they’re doing their work, everyone’s got a job to do and the world would be a far more peaceful place if everyone respected each other. A girl was working in a small gas station, trying to figure out out how to fix the broken coffee machine when a customer came in and demanded for a new can of gas immediately. Even after the customer got what they wanted, they had to make a rude remark about how the employee was serving him, stating that he was a big shot and on the way to an interview at a big company. At that moment, the employee picked up her phone to call her dad, who coincidentally was the boss at the company the man was going in for an interview. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for the disrespectful man.

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