She Bought A Parrot And Took Him Home. When It Started Talking, She Wanted A Divorce!

Articles by Interestful on December 10, 2016

Parrots are fascinating, their ability to remember words and then mimic them, to the extent that they can even hold a full conversation is amazing. But the parrot will speak its mind, whether it’s the right thing to say or not.

One woman went past the local pet store and saw a lovely parrot up for sale at $50. She was wondering why he was so cheap and found out that his previous home wasn’t a great place, so he might have some vulgar language.

She bought him anyway, took him home and listened out for any bad language. After a while she thought that the parrot had forgotten all its old vocabulary since it wasn’t swearing.

Then her husband walked in and it greeted him. His wife’s mood instantly changed.


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