She Got Home Late After A Night Out And Tried To Sneak In To Bed. But Her Husband Left Her Stunned.

Articles by Interestful on November 29, 2016

Sometimes the hours fly by when you’re outside having fun with a few friends. One woman told her husband that she would back home no later than midnight and set out to have a girl’s day out.

After a couple drinks and some good laughs, before she knew it, it was nearing 3 a.m! She quickly rushed home and as soon as she entered her home she wanted to think of a genius way to sneak in.

It hit 3 o’clock and their mechanical clock had a little bird attached that would cuckoo for every hour. The bird made 3 noises but she thought she would add on an extra 9, so that if her husband was woken up, he would think it’s midnight.

She thought her plan had worked but found out something interesting the morning after!


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