She Handed Her $25 More Than Her Bill. What She Did With It Made Everyone Smile

Articles by Interestful on December 10, 2016

It’s the small things that an change someones day for the better, such as buying their coffee for them. Paying it forward is one way of spreading kindness and joy around and it can have a very lasting effect!

A woman was headed to her local coffee shop to her morning coffee and bagel. When she walked in, she noticed everyone at the cafe were on their phones and uninterested in what was going on around them. Saddened that people don’t socialise in person anymore, she had a smart idea.

She went to the barista, made her order and placed another $25 with it, saying that she wanted to pay it forward to the people who were behind her in the line. She grabbed her food and drink, sat in the corner and watched what unfolded.

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