She Noticed An Old Man Sitting Alone In Tears. When She Approached Him, He Cried Out!

Articles by Interestful on December 1, 2016

Sometimes the elderly need our help but they are too afraid or embarrassed to speak out, as we learn in this story.

Lisa recently shared her tory on Facebook about an incident that took place when she was a supermarket store and noticed an elderly man sitting alone in one of the chairs. She wanted to help him as he looked uncomfortable and went up to him to check if everything was alright.

He let out some tears and told her that he had an accident due to his colon cancer and needed someone to help him. She calmly got hold of the store staff and they all worked together to get him to the employee’s restroom and provided him with new clothes. He was in tears! He was so thankful to everyone but it had a deeper message for Lisa.



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