She Takes Her Autistic Son To Buy Games For His 9th Birthday And Cries When The Manager Called Her

Articles by Interestful on February 2, 2017

Deciding what to do for kid’s birthday can be a real hassle. Some kids love big parties while other prefer to do something quiet.

Christoper was turning 9 and knew he would be throwing a party, just like very other year. Because of his Autism, he doesn’t have many friends but his mom always makes his birthdays special by taking him out and letting him buy video games and toys.

For this birthday, he went to a video game store and excitedly picked out a few games he wanted. Christopher’s mom told the store manager what was happening since she was a regular and they managed to find Christopher a free toy that had him over the moon.

But that wasn’t the end of it, they got a call a few days later and there was an even bigger surprise in store for them.

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