She Told Everyone That Her 6-Year-Old Boy Goes On Dates. But The Truth Behind It Is Gold!

Articles by Interestful on November 23, 2016

It might be a shock to hear the one woman lets her six year old son to go out on a date every month, but don’t be quick jumping to conclusions!

This mother lets her son take her out to dinner, once a month, and he gives her the full dinner date experience. He will walk ahead of her to open the door, pull her chair out and tuck her in and start conversations at the table. He even goes as far as paying for the meal (using his own pocket money that he earned). She says that it started of as his idea to take her out and loves doing these things for his mom.

She talks about the importance of teaching manners to a child at a young age because that’s when habits will stick with them. She aims to make a fine man out of him for a very lucky lady in his future!


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