She Used Sign Language To Tell The Chimp Her Baby Died. The Chimp’s Response Had Her Speechless

Articles by Interestful on November 22, 2016

It’s been seen so many times before that motherly instinct is truly universal. Every mother had unmeasurable love for their baby, humans and animals alike.

This is the story of Washoe and her favorite keeper Kat. Washoe was a special chimp, she had been taught how to understand sign language and speak it with her keepers. Washoe had a habit of giving the cold shoulder to her favorite keepers anytime they took time off away from her, it was her way of showing that she didn’t like them spending time away from her.

When Kat returned after some time off, she wanted to explain to Washoe why she was away and singled to her that she had lost her baby. Washoe looked down and then back up and signalled the gesture for cry.

Washoe herself had lost two babies and knew the pain that Kat was going through.



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