She Was Shouting At The Store Clerk For No Reason. That’s When Another Customer Stepped In…

Articles by Interestful on November 6, 2016

A woman was in a 7-11 convenience store when a rude and angry customer interrupted her transaction. She yelled at the store clerk the the coffee she poured from the coffee machine was too cold. He immediately apologised and asked her if she would like him to go and make a fresh pot of coffee or if she would like a refund. She yelled out at the store clerk for not doing his job.

At this moment the first woman jumped back into the conversation to tell off the rude loud woman. She gave her a good telling off that left the rude woman shaking where she stood before storming out of the store.

Then a huge round of applause went around the store to thank the woman for standing up to the tyrant!



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