Single Mom Was Embarrassed When Her Kids Got Her A Wilted Flower, But The Reality Is Priceless

Articles by Interestful on February 10, 2017

It’s hard being a single parent and having to raise young kids and having to teach them everything alone. A mom took her kids to church one Sunday and the Pastor asked all the kids to come up on stage, select a flower for their mothers and to gift it to them. This mom had her two kids go up and look around for the perfect flower for ages, in fact they were still the last two up there looking around. They jumped for joy when they found the perfect flower to gift their mom and return to her, gifting her a wilted, almost dead flower.

Stunned at why her kids got her that flower out of all the beautiful, healthy flowers, they said it looked like it needed mom’s help the most, and it sent her into tears.

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