Someone Stole This Cowboy’s Horse. The Way He Responded Left Everyone Scared!

Articles by Interestful on November 23, 2016

Imagine having your car stolen where you parked it, it would be tragic and not a great day. Now imagine the same thing but back in the old western ties, it would have been horses stolen instead of cars.

One cowboy rode into a small town, thirsty from his journey and quickly made way towards the bar. He tied up his horse to the post outside the bar and he stepped in to quench his thirst. After a quick drink, he came out and noticed his horse was gone, someone had untied it and taken off with it.

As he looked around the town, they were all quietly glancing over at him as they had all seen what happened but wanted to see how the cowboy would react.

He stated that he was going to go back in for a second drink, and that his horse better be tied back up to the post right where he left it, or otherwise there would be consequences.

He stepped in and back out a few moments later, grabbed his saddle and sat up on his horse. Just before he left, the bartender wanted to know what the consequence would have been if the horse wasn’t returned, and he had the most unusual answer!



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