The School Called Her And Said Her Son Was Ill And Needed To Go Home. She Couldn’t Believe What He Said

Articles by Interestful on November 28, 2016

It’s hard business when you have to leave work or cancel your day when you get the call from your child’s school saying that they’re ill and need to go home. But it’s every parents nightmare that they’re child is ill and they want to be able to help them out immediately.

One mom, who happens to be a high school teacher, tells us about the time she got a call from her son’s school saying he needed to go home.

She as inconvenienced but quickly made it to her son and he seems like he really wanted to go home. A littler medicine and rubs later, he was feeling better. She was slightly annoyed that she had to take a day off work for something that wasn’t a major issue but she soon realized something else about her son that really changed the way she saw things.



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