These Dogs Love To Photobomb In Pictures, And It’s Hilarious!

Videos by Interestful on February 2, 2017

Everyone loves to get in for a picture, but it seems that our canine friends want to join in on the action too. Whether they’re playing in the background or outright seeking attention, our furry friends will most time end up getting into the photos and usually showing odd behaviour

Here are a few dogs who intentionally and unintentionally got themselves into the photo and photobombed the picture for everyone else. As much as you look at them, you realise it’s impossible to hate them for it, they’re just so adorable!

1. “Dont start the call without me”

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2. “No, this is how you claim a tree”

Source: {link:} Life With Dogs {/link}

3. “No phones while driving!”

Source: {link:×442.jpg} Life With Dogs {/link}

4. “Did that just come out of the water?”

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5. The grinch has returned!

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6. It would be a shame if someone ruined your perfect picture…

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7. A lion at heart

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8. “Can I be in the shot too?!”

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9. “Let’s do a silly face picture”

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10. “I can’t hold it in any longer”

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