Two Chicago Men Went To Hell Wearing Their Jackets. What They Did Made Hell Freeze Over!

Articles by Interestful on November 7, 2016

Two men from Chicago died in an unfortunate car accident. They spent most of their lives being selfish and found themselves at the gates of hell, greeted by the devil. The devil went to greet them into the eternal abyss but noticed the two men wearing coats.

Confused, the devil asked them if they were not hot. They replied saying it felt like a cool winters’ day back from where they were from. Angered, the devil made the hell a lot hotter, with the screams intensifying. When satan look back at them, they had taken off their coats but were still wearing t-shirts.

Angered further, satan decided to o something complete opposite, that made the two men react in the funniest way!


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