Woman Buries Used Teabags In Backyard. The Effects Of It Are Wonderful

Videos by Interestful on January 20, 2018

For those of us that drink tea, the used teabag ends up in the bin. But did you know it still packs a lot of nutrients and could be used in many ways, especially in the backyard.

Not only does tea have benefits for the body, but also for plants and the ground they grow in.

The different uses include:

1. Adding nutrients to the soil
2. Keeping away pests from your plants
3. Great at turning waste into compost quicker
4. Can help hydrate the roots of plants
5. Deters unwanted weeds
6. Deters cats from damaging the plants
7. Helps recycle and put the tea bags to good use!

Just take a look at how many of these you could incorporate into your backyard, and give them a try!

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