Woman Orders Two Beers, One For A Fallen Soldier. Then She Noticed The Note On Her Bill…

Videos by Interestful on January 15, 2018

At the Buffalo Wild Wing restaurant and bar in Washington, a woman and her friend came for lunch and some beers.

When the woman asked to order two beers, she was told by server Brian Avey that the policy was to only serve one beer at a time.

She mentioned that it wasn’t for her, she was ordering the second beer for brother, a fallen soldier who died abroad on duty.

The act of kindness persuaded Avey to let her buy the second beer, as it was the right thing to do in her brother’s honor.


But as the woman and her friend were about to leave, Avey went to the back and spoke to the managers, telling them what happened and asking if he could put that beer on the house.

They agreed and said they wouldn’t have it any other way. So before Avey returned and handed the bill over to the woman, he wrote a small note on it, thanking her for her act of kindness.

He kept the beer and the note, and uploaded a picture of it to Facebook, where it’s received an enormous response!

Beer for fallen soldier inspires acts of kindness

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