Woman Wanted To Escape From Abusive Partner, Movers Showed Up With A Genius Idea

Videos by Interestful on January 17, 2018

Those living with abusive partners often feel like there’s no way out and asking for help just feels that much harder.

The idea of having to move, packing all their belongings and starting anew is a big task, one that stops many from leaving an abusive home.

A company called the Meathead Movers was started by some friends in school, who had the idea of focussing on helping those suffering from domestic abuse to move out swiftly with some helping hands, and at not cost at all.

When they first started, they noticed they’d get phone calls from worried victims, asking for their help and discretion to move out.

Now, they regularly help those who come to them asking for their help, and ave built up a team who believe in helping out as much as they can for those in suffering.

Hope To It: Moving Company Helps Domestic Abuse Victims Move On | TODAY

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