Woman Was In A Coma When She Delivered Her Baby. 4 Months Later, A Miracle Happened

Articles by Interestful on January 14, 2018

For Amelia Bannan and her family, tragedy struck at the worst imaginable time. A car accident left Amelia, who was six months pregnant at the time, in a coma, with little doctors could do.

After three months went by, it was time for her baby boy, Santino, to be born and enter the world. The doctors were worried that because of Amelia’s condition, Santino could be affected, but he was born healthy to everyones relief.


It was still a difficult time for the family, while they are overjoyed at welcoming the new born, they still feared Amelia would never wake up and get to meet her son. They made efforts to visit her everyday, trying to spend as much time as they could by her side.

When the baby was a few months old, the family decided it was safe to take him to visit his lifeless mom too, so they brought him along and lay him on top of his mom, hoping that somehow she could still experience time with her boy.

It was then that the doctors and her family witnessed a miracle, one that would normally be too good to be true.

“We were all silent as baby Santino’s milk bottle was being preparing, and we heard a faint whispering coming from Amelia’s bed”, said Amelia’s brother, Cesar.

They instantly ran over to her, along with a doctor, who checked if she was finally being response, by asking her to perform simple tasks with the tongue and eyes.

They all began jumping for joy, knowing that a miracle had just occurred under their noses, and leaving the doctors stunned.

It was the moment they had all been waiting for, as after few hours after that, Amelia was conscious enough to hold her own son for the first time, with the help of her partner!


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