4-Year-Old Girl Runs Home To Mom And Complains About Bullies On The School Bus. What She Says Leaves Her Shocked!

Articles by Interestful on October 9, 2016

A mom was eagerly waiting for her little girl to get home from pre-school but noticed something different about her that day. Her 4-year-old daughter came charging in, and she could sense anger in her eyes and body language. Her little girl came directly up to her and started complaining about the bullying that she just witnessed on the school bus. She said that bullies were picking on a boy because he was brown, and that he was only four years old too!

As mom asked more questions to investigate what happened, the little girl showed a great deal of maturity and understanding, more than some people 10 times her age!

As mom found out what was going on, she called the principal and informed the school of the bullying that was taking place! They both felt like heroes that day.





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