He Noticed An Employee Refusing To Give An Old Woman Some Water. What He Did Next Had Her In Tears

Articles by Interestful on October 31, 2016

Offering someone a simple cup of tap water literally costs next to nothing, but that was the source of a problem this unfortunate day.

A man decided to pop into a local McDonalds after work to buy a quick meal before heading home for the night. Just ahead of him in the queue, he noticed an old homeless woman asking the counter staff fora cup of warm water to drink, so she could stay warm on the cold winter’s night.

They refused to give her anything, so he went up to her and asked her to order anything she wanted. He ended up buying so much food that he was nearly unable to carry, all for her.

After sitting down with her for a while, he realized how tough it is for them to live on the streets and did an incredible act of kindness for her and her friends!



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