He Waited Behind An Old Lady Who Took Ages At The Cashier Line. When His Turn Came? Amazing!

Articles by Interestful on October 7, 2016

A man recalled a time he was at a grocery store and had only picked up one item. As he got near to the cashier tills, he noticed one cashiers till had a very short queue, just one old lady standing there. What he quickly realized after joining the queue was that she was taking a very long time because she was individually assessing each item in her basket to whether she really needed it or not. She ended up leaving some items to be taken back. The man realized she was putting them away because she wasn’t able to comfortably afford everything she wanted.

As his turns came, he handed over his one item and also requested all of the items the old woman before him had put away to also be added his his basket and put in a large bag. He raced outside and gave her the bag and made a speedy exit!


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