He Was Late To His Wife’s Appointment And It Made Her Panic. What Happened As A Result Is Astonishing

Articles by Interestful on November 23, 2016

The months leading up to childbirth can be the most stressful you may ever experience. One man tells the story of his daughter’s birth and it’s eventful to say the least!

He was a little date on day to pick up his wife to head over to the hospital for a routine appointment. His wife had pretty serious pregnancy induced high blood pressure, and him being late didn’t help that, it made her even more stressed. When they finally got to the appointment, the doctors said it was best to induce labor then and there, 5 week premature.

The whole process was frightening and there were a few complications but at the end of the ordeal everyone was good and healthy and they had given birth to their daughter!



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